Denver Apartments

Modern and Marvelous Denver Apartments

There really is no time like the present. With so many options and opportunities for everyone to immerse themselves in, it’s not too difficult to push for the happiest outcomes in any situation, whether it’s something big like a promotion at work or as small as a welcoming embrace when you come home. Our luxury Denver apartments at Alexan LoHi at Dickinson Plaza offer all the best amenities that today can offer, giving you an incredible home experience every time you step through your front doors.

For starters, control your temperature right from your tablet or smartphone through the high-tech Nest thermostats, which you can program to conserve energy while your away and to warm things up just in time for you to thaw yourself from a winter storm. Keep your home secure...

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Denver Studio Apartments

Amazing Studio Denver Apartments

Having a studio apartment in the heart of Denver gives you so many freedoms, including the chance to have a comfortable place to crash at close to your office, a home close to some of the best shopping and entertainment venues in the city, or simply to acclimate yourself without spending a fortune. All our luxury studio apartments at Alexan LoHi at Dickinson Plaza permit our residents a...

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Beautiful Blooms and Bliss in Denver

True, wintertime isn’t the best when it comes to floral variety. Many of our favorite flowers and trees go into hibernation, hiding away their colors until next year. However, there’s still a lot of wonder to be had going to the nearby garden, especially one that’s decked in a cascade of beautiful lights. Our luxury apartments at Alexan LoHi at Dickinson Plaza put you close to some of...

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Luxury Denver Apartments

Luxury Denver Apartments

Finally come home to a lifestyle you will love. You will find all this and more when you make the right move to the Alexan LoHi at Dickinson Plaza luxury Denver apartments in Colorado. Discover what the balance of beauty and design really means when you indulge in luxury apartment features that are second to none. Treat yourself and your friends to a long weekend with community amenities built...

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Dickinson Plaza Luxury Apartments

Finding the right luxury apartment is easy when you start looking in the right place. Discover the home you have always been searching for when you find the Alexan LoHi at Dickinson Plaza luxury apartments in Denver Colorado. Indulge yourself in a suite of luxury apartment features designed to help you live the lifestyle you crave. Enjoy community amenities with your closest friends and share...

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